Honda Odyssey VTi L – review

Favorite people mover has just been replaced this is the new Honda Odyssey, now in its fifth generation we’ve come to Victoria to see if it’s better than the one it replaces. It generational to see is a very different the coop to those before being longer water Towle and hit via the changes it brought a totally new appearances world which is more keen to a traditional papal move off rather than the low slung wagon the strains of become accustomed to. But the changes are provided more spicy sought and purport to make it a more functional package than ever before. What I tried lots of the RTC has pain its conventional swing open read orders on the latest iteration hunt is actually going to a one touch electric sliding door function. Inside the need or is he has an only saying lab in the basement of a tiara that caddis right people in the vase oil that we’re at the moment echinacea 7 but actually clues a pretty cool new function. Part of our sickle the captain’s chair you have we got all the white back with the very backseat stand and even.

Honda OdysseyMake the most of the parliament the overseas avaiable in to trim variants that by summer of 80 are starting at 389 nanti the talks big VT audio that we spend most time in coming in at 47620. Both models are more expensive than before but include a new suite of safety technologies and added specification. In the luxury model that now includes push button stock smart key entry electric let the sakes a 7 inch touch screen and a reversing camera. New headlights HID and led fog lights. Para Chris arranges generated by 120 known kilowatt 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine, and is delivered to the front wheels through a CVT automatic transmission with paddle shifters. Their voice powertrain is about 15 percent more efficient than before right it is 7.night leads per 0 innovate ya you know when you are as he has the same engine that’s actually fairly in the in court today it’s a fairly linear cut it down to the automatic transmission.

Can get It was realistic. It tends of the way draws will to live so to see traits a different path in that regard as well one particular criticism of the Odyssey is the white riots we founded more keen to a Jew cab you’d rather than a Kalac wagon we all got to see was really because she’s out on the ride and it handled by. We will head into this. Fox. Brown and. The families will that could be a point of contention. What the other things I’ve noticed is that it can actually be a little bit noisy in the back. Well if you can. Shop. And you tend to notice that the noise level than what you would have been no one. Steering in the Odyssey is fairly. Obviously it’s not a bad sitcom but it’s really easy to maneuver rants and. Regional ran is really good video to see also include Multi And that helps it. I began talks bugs and poes cycling. Once the. Right this One located on the Real What age merit and also one. And that Voting Live via But you might not ordinarily say. Amir is full of you show them. Go to see actually. Multi. Aaron. Tyson. According. Staying at a deadly enough upgrade from. Family overseas beforehand. Generation Honda Odyssey. If I were stranded.

Honda CR-V Front Brake Pads Replacement

Hello. It is a article or how to change the brake pads on a 2010. Honda CRV. It’s very simple straightforward it’s for the front brake pads. So we took off at the wheel of course tires. Make sure you have your. The drug and stands. Well that’s one in. That steel on over there on the other side usually can see both of them. Thurman the tracks stance don’t ever risk anything thing first. And this is pretty much straight forward. So this is. A 14 Good show here. As of 14 millimeter. Let’s see which focus here focus. 14. And it’s just. Cutler twice. Illusions clockwise there’s one bear. And sometimes that happened to me right now. There is.

Front Brake Pads ReplacementThis is gonna spin. What the bolts. Where we can see or hear that one. That’s a 3 quarters. Of my least that’s what I. To stop it from spending together with both. Can see their. 3 quarters. I just hold this. See it’s been. And then I did with the 14 clockwise and it’s it’s. Welcome off merit spinning together you’ll be able to see it. And then the second one is. Right here. It’s also 14 it also has this here things in case it starts turning together disease that. 3 quarters. A. To hold it in place in the interest humbled. So it’s pretty straightforward. Profits. Shouldn’t take it off. But. And. No written back together I mean it’s pretty simple.

All you had to see the whole process. Once you push the pistons back on the turtle that’s alright. Auto brake pads and hear the correct way to Pretty much the brake pedals like case. This is one tells you have no more brake pads. We’ve also fix. Men the ones in the front there pretty much can go both sides. Calm retreat put that previously by the original part. How no moving parts. A concept. Number the brake pads. On Then just put it back in here. Thailand is a broker number it is 14 is 3 quarters in case it moves when you tried in them.

And you should be good to go. Break in. Usually what I do for break ins. The new paroxysm drive in the ground owns a 30. Yeah I do heart stops. About 2 or 3 times there should be good enough for a break in. I didn’t resurface who wrote the. The brakes discs they’re they’re good they’re so good. So good to go. So if in case he resurfaced them still do the same procedure for break and that’s what I do that’s what the. That’s what they recommend. And I use general wind farm the parts you can use plenty others. Just make sure that. They are. Payable in they are not going to harm your disks. So yeah. Thanks for watching and subscribe in there be more of a just.

DENSO: spark plug for the hybrid

DENSO has started to supply the spark plugs Double Needle Iridium to the assembly line of the car company Honda Motor for the equipment of the new sports hybrid model Honda CR-Z.Autospark plug for the hybrid

Honda CR-Z is a light sports car, equipped with the high-performance engine i-VTEC with the capacity of 1.5 L and the hybrid power unit Motor Assist (IMA).

The spark plug DK20PR-D13 has the central iridium electrode with a diameter of 0.7 mm and the needle lateral electrode with a diameter of 0.7 mm and a copper core at the bottom. In this kind of spark plugs, the absorbing effect of electrodes reduces as in 2004 Honda crv headlight bulb, and the increase of the fire core is maintained, which promotes the complete burning of fuel-air mixture, thus saving fuel.

This also provides the fast engine start-up, stable and smooth idling and the fast increase of the car’s speed. The spark plugs DENSO Double Needle are highly effective and provide an increased safety for the environment.

Aral Alles super The history of tradition, quality and service

Aral: for decades this brand is synonymous with quality and leadership in the German fuel market. The company was established in 1898 for the sale of benzene – a byproduct of the coal industry. In the 20s Aral had already established itself as a manufacturer of quality products first time in the world by inventing the highest grade petrol, and thus ahead of its competitors.

aral service

Now the word “Aral” is known to 98% the population of Germany. Blue Diamond, company logo, is recognized at a glance. This image has been earned over decades as a symbol of all-round quality, innovation and service.

The engine oil has become the part of the production program of Aral in 1929. Back in 1939 Aral Kowal was created – the world’s first motor oil on base, obtained by synthesis. This made it possible to maintain the optimum viscosity over a wide temperature range to ensure effective lubrication. In close cooperation with the car manufacturers new products began to appear constantly in order to meet all the new requirements of more modern engines.

How to choose the right oil?

The correct choice of oil is a guarantee of long life of the vehicle and save your time and money on its repair in the future. The main criterion in selecting lubricants is the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer, engine, gearbox, etc. These recommendations can be found in the manual instruction. There you will find the manufacturer tolerances or standards to be met by oil for your vehicle, such as API SM, ACEA A1 and BMW Longlife-04. Appropriate tolerances of manufacturers or standards are indicated on each unit of oil packaging.

choose the right oil

If the manufacturer offers several products for your choice, remember that the viscosity is not a direct indicator of quality, but only one of the physical parameters of the oil (such as, for example, density or the flash point), but very important. The main criteria are performance, which can be judged from the manufacturer tolerances and standards, which correspond to each product.

What pressure of the tires should be

Tires pressure plays a huge role in the car use: by this indicator depends on control of the vehicle, its permeability and mobility. In addition, the correct choice of pressure is able to extend the life of the tires, the value of which is quite substantial.

tires should

 At low pressure causes:

  • Increase fuel consumption
  • Rapid wear of the tire tread
  •  Will increase the load on the suspension, gearbox – as a consequence, the frequent occurrence of problems with them
  •  Indicators of drive ability deteriorate, including braking: on the road the car will go to the side, and often have precision steering to align the trajectory also stopping distances will increased, and with it the risk often end up in an accident.
  •  The risk of going to aquaplaning will increased

 At high pressure:

  • Increase the risk of puncture on the wheel, even by a minor thing on the road
  •  Increase the wear of the central portion of the tread pattern and tire very quickly become useless
  •  Decrease the contact area of the wheels and the road surface, so to drive a car is much more complicated in different situations
  • Similarly with low pressure, high one lead to increased wear of suspension and transmission

Car blinds

Nowadays, car manufacturers offer the customer installation of these “slats” in the form of an option, as the slats make the car more attractive and more solid on the outside and a cozy, warm home – inside.

Car blinds

If you focus on the car blinds, we immediately realize that the car “slats” play a role in the first place to ensure passenger comfort, thus hiding the faces of important people from the paparazzi cameras. Those cars are Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, BMW.

The first curtain, as well as any thing in the car as we know, has to facilitate the person’s life. Shutters prevent ingress of the sun rays in the car on a hot and sultry day. This is very important on long journeys in the car, especially with children. Car blinds are an excellent alternative to window tinting.

It is better to install blinds made of cloth with the help of an experienced person, because the shape and glass doors, cutting the material, type of material, the ability to properly stow curtains folds properly installed fasteners play a huge role in the setting.

Anti-gravel protection on car

Anti-gravel protection on car.

Every year, the automobile market is flooded with a huge amount of cars. Competition in the automotive market and fight for potential buyers force to produce not only a very high-quality cars, but also with an attractive appearance. Cars are available in different colors, with mother of pearl, metallic effect. Many motorists wanting even more to decorate their cars, do airbrushing on their cars.

protection on car

In general – the appearance of a modern machine is often simply a work of art. And, of course, every owner wish that car will be in such state as long as possible. On tracks cars are waited for a lot of trouble, and of course, a very big problem for the car enamel is the release of gravel from the wheels on the road. It conducts to chipping, scratching, or other hazards.

Classical anti-gravel protection on the car is very popular. It is the protective agent for car body from almost all kinds of mechanical damage. If you paste over your car by such film, it would be save to mechanical damage and burning paint under the influence of sunlight.