Aral Alles super The history of tradition, quality and service

Aral: for decades this brand is synonymous with quality and leadership in the German fuel market. The company was established in 1898 for the sale of benzene – a byproduct of the coal industry. In the 20s Aral had already established itself as a manufacturer of quality products first time in the world by inventing the highest grade petrol, and thus ahead of its competitors.

aral service

Now the word “Aral” is known to 98% the population of Germany. Blue Diamond, company logo, is recognized at a glance. This image has been earned over decades as a symbol of all-round quality, innovation and service.

The engine oil has become the part of the production program of Aral in 1929. Back in 1939 Aral Kowal was created – the world’s first motor oil on base, obtained by synthesis. This made it possible to maintain the optimum viscosity over a wide temperature range to ensure effective lubrication. In close cooperation with the car manufacturers new products began to appear constantly in order to meet all the new requirements of more modern engines.