Car blinds

Nowadays, car manufacturers offer the customer installation of these “slats” in the form of an option, as the slats make the car more attractive and more solid on the outside and a cozy, warm home – inside.

Car blinds

If you focus on the car blinds, we immediately realize that the car “slats” play a role in the first place to ensure passenger comfort, thus hiding the faces of important people from the paparazzi cameras. Those cars are Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, BMW.

The first curtain, as well as any thing in the car as we know, has to facilitate the person’s life. Shutters prevent ingress of the sun rays in the car on a hot and sultry day. This is very important on long journeys in the car, especially with children. Car blinds are an excellent alternative to window tinting.

It is better to install blinds made of cloth with the help of an experienced person, because the shape and glass doors, cutting the material, type of material, the ability to properly stow curtains folds properly installed fasteners play a huge role in the setting.

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