Honda CR-V Front Brake Pads Replacement

Hello. It is a article or how to change the brake pads on a 2010. Honda CRV. It’s very simple straightforward it’s for the front brake pads. So we took off at the wheel of course tires. Make sure you have your. The drug and stands. Well that’s one in. That steel on over there on the other side usually can see both of them. Thurman the tracks stance don’t ever risk anything thing first. And this is pretty much straight forward. So this is. A 14 Good show here. As of 14 millimeter. Let’s see which focus here focus. 14. And it’s just. Cutler twice. Illusions clockwise there’s one bear. And sometimes that happened to me right now. There is.

Front Brake Pads ReplacementThis is gonna spin. What the bolts. Where we can see or hear that one. That’s a 3 quarters. Of my least that’s what I. To stop it from spending together with both. Can see their. 3 quarters. I just hold this. See it’s been. And then I did with the 14 clockwise and it’s it’s. Welcome off merit spinning together you’ll be able to see it. And then the second one is. Right here. It’s also 14 it also has this here things in case it starts turning together disease that. 3 quarters. A. To hold it in place in the interest humbled. So it’s pretty straightforward. Profits. Shouldn’t take it off. But. And. No written back together I mean it’s pretty simple.

All you had to see the whole process. Once you push the pistons back on the turtle that’s alright. Auto brake pads and hear the correct way to Pretty much the brake pedals like case. This is one tells you have no more brake pads. We’ve also fix. Men the ones in the front there pretty much can go both sides. Calm retreat put that previously by the original part. How no moving parts. A concept. Number the brake pads. On Then just put it back in here. Thailand is a broker number it is 14 is 3 quarters in case it moves when you tried in them.

And you should be good to go. Break in. Usually what I do for break ins. The new paroxysm drive in the ground owns a 30. Yeah I do heart stops. About 2 or 3 times there should be good enough for a break in. I didn’t resurface who wrote the. The brakes discs they’re they’re good they’re so good. So good to go. So if in case he resurfaced them still do the same procedure for break and that’s what I do that’s what the. That’s what they recommend. And I use general wind farm the parts you can use plenty others. Just make sure that. They are. Payable in they are not going to harm your disks. So yeah. Thanks for watching and subscribe in there be more of a just.