DENSO: spark plug for the hybrid

DENSO has started to supply the spark plugs Double Needle Iridium to the assembly line of the car company Honda Motor for the equipment of the new sports hybrid model Honda CR-Z.Autospark plug for the hybrid

Honda CR-Z is a light sports car, equipped with the high-performance engine i-VTEC with the capacity of 1.5 L and the hybrid power unit Motor Assist (IMA).

The spark plug DK20PR-D13 has the central iridium electrode with a diameter of 0.7 mm and the needle lateral electrode with a diameter of 0.7 mm and a copper core at the bottom. In this kind of spark plugs, the absorbing effect of electrodes reduces as in 2004 Honda crv headlight bulb, and the increase of the fire core is maintained, which promotes the complete burning of fuel-air mixture, thus saving fuel.

This also provides the fast engine start-up, stable and smooth idling and the fast increase of the car’s speed. The spark plugs DENSO Double Needle are highly effective and provide an increased safety for the environment.