What pressure of the tires should be

Tires pressure plays a huge role in the car use: by this indicator depends on control of the vehicle, its permeability and mobility. In addition, the correct choice of pressure is able to extend the life of the tires, the value of which is quite substantial.

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 At low pressure causes:

  • Increase fuel consumption
  • Rapid wear of the tire tread
  •  Will increase the load on the suspension, gearbox – as a consequence, the frequent occurrence of problems with them
  •  Indicators of drive ability deteriorate, including braking: on the road the car will go to the side, and often have precision steering to align the trajectory also stopping distances will increased, and with it the risk often end up in an accident.
  •  The risk of going to aquaplaning will increased

 At high pressure:

  • Increase the risk of puncture on the wheel, even by a minor thing on the road
  •  Increase the wear of the central portion of the tread pattern and tire very quickly become useless
  •  Decrease the contact area of the wheels and the road surface, so to drive a car is much more complicated in different situations
  • Similarly with low pressure, high one lead to increased wear of suspension and transmission